Elmia Park
Now we’re raising our sights and focusing even more on the development of green urban environments

We want to help contribute to an enhanced quality of life and the development of a society in which green spaces are given greater room in our urban environments.  For you as an exhibitor, the new Elmia Park offers a broader meeting place and a better opportunity to meet decision makers.

Elmia Park will be unified around the words Build, Grow and Attract. With them, we encompass the entire process that underlies the development of greener outdoor and urban environments and we create a consistent theme for the fair.

Welcome to three days of inspirational meetings, business opportunities, exhibits and visions of the future. Together we will create the conditions for tomorrow’s green environments.

Fair Catalogue

Fair Catalogue

Here you will find all exhibitors at the fair 2019 listed from A-Ö.

Fair Catalogue 2019